Under Walkway System


Walkways take stress and the hinges will fail.  We will repair and support the hinge so it can with stand the stresses. 


Docks can get damaged by the elements and wear down over time. We can fix the minor problems on your dock before they become major problems, potentially saving your dock and saving you thousands of dollars. Some common services we provide are shown below.

Walkway Before

Old Guide

Mooring Guide

Docks are moored in many different ways. We have helped many customers improve the way the mooring cables are connected to the dock. One method is the guide pipe. They work well for a time then start to fail. 

Walkway After

Powered Winch Systems

Some docks need to move 4 to 800 feet to stay in the water. We build custom long haul systems that can allow the dock to move long distances.  They are powered for ease of operation. 

Side Mounted System

New Pulley

Walkway in Repair

Diving Services

A diver can more accurately inspect the underwater framework and structure of the dock. My diver has experience with Lake Travis and working under and around boat docks. We have cameras on our divers so we can watch the footage later to inspect the dock even closer. We also have surface-to-diver communiction system to clearly communicate with the diver to get an even better inspection of the dock.